Friday, January 4, 2008

Web Design Auction for Mary Isabella's Closet

Hi all, I have not been on for quite some time, but an emergency came up, and now is the time. If you haven't heard, Mary from Isabellascloset is ill and in need of our help. You can read about it Now, if you don't know Mary, you should, as she is probably the kindest woman I have met on the internet, she is the most unselfish, giving person!

Since I had a bad year myself, and will probably close my other business, the LilCottageShoppe, I have no funds to contribute, but what I do have is a new business, my web design business.

So, through my blog, I will be auctioning off a web design. The bids will start at 100.00. All proceeds will be paid directly to Mary's paypal account to help her pay for meds. Take a look at my portfolio, although it is still small, rest assured, I am not happy till you are. You tell me your vision of your website and we will get it done!
So, come on....start bidding now.....send all bids to this link please.... and make sure to put in the subject line, Bids for Mary!

Lets give back to the woman who has given so much to us for so long, its her turn!

I will announce when I receive the first bid, and the bidding will then close 48 hours from then!



FourSistersInACottage said...

What an awesome opportunity for someone to start a business!!!
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

cityfarmer said...

We, too are pinching things very tight here

...haven't checked in here in a while

...I am asking the Father to show me what to do for this wonderful woman...of course standing in prayer is one of the major focuses here at my house.
We can be assured that all of blogland is praying for this gal.

Everything looks great here.

pop on over and see my precious new grandaughter.

Happy New Year

IsabellaCloset said...

Arlene, What a sweetheart you are to do such very generous thing for me! You put so much time and work into designing your Web sites. I'm hoping this one will be a labor of love for you. I truly am overwhelmed by your kindness..
When you yourself are having such a hard time you stop and do something so special for someone else.. God has sent a few Angels into my life today and you are one of them.
Thank you! Hugs & love ~Mary~

The Urban Chic said...

Arlene, what you are doing is so wonderful. You will surely be blessed. Pat(The Urban Chic)